Friday, April 16, 2010

Snap - The Power (Dream Remix Kit)

Cool little remix kit here to play around with if you feel like it..Going back to the Old Skool again with this one with the classic (??) "The Power" by Snap.This originally came as a messy single file,but here I`ve chopped out all the bits into single parts all ready to load into a sampler or whatever..

Snap - The Power (Dream Remix Kit)

Also I have include my booty of Sunfreaks "Counting Down The Days" (Axwell Mix) vs "The Power" I did a while back,also in the pack.Why nobody did this first time round I dunno because they seem made for each other.Anyways,the mp3 of that is here too:

Sunfreakz vs Snap - Counting Down The Power Days

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