Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kaskade feat Haley - Dynasty (Remix Stems)

So it looks like I`ve been spending everyone`s cash again..These must be by far the most expensive Remix Stems on the market.Beatport are now adding an extra 8$/£ to the price of them for a "Wav Handling" charge.Whats that all about??If I was to get on my soapbox here,regarding people actually selling Remix Stems we could be here a while (even though I know you guys will probably end up paying for these one way or another):-).Anyways,I was going to wait till next week to post these until the competition for this is over,so Beatport et al woundn`t complain too much,and they will still be able to make a few bucks.Then again,I thought that with the weekend coming up,and the deadline for this Remix Competition being next Monday (check it)!,It will give everybody who cant buy the stems a chance to knock a quick version up and get it in before the deadline..
I`m also welcoming comments on this if you feel like maybe discussing the pro`s and cons of buying stems.A good or a bad thing?

OK,waffle over.here`s the link you need:

Kaskade feat Haley - Dynasty (Remix Stems)

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