Thursday, February 11, 2010

Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love (Remix Stems)

Quality Stems/Remix pack here from Florence & the Machine for you all to have a go at and I`ve got to say it also looks like one of the Majors (Universal) have really embraced the Stems/Remix competiton thing of late,so good news there.Well done to them.Lets hope the rest of the majors catch up with em soon.

What I`ve done here is normalised all the original project files of "You Got The Love" because (t.b.h) they needed it.The levels were way too low overall on the original files.Also I`ve then timestretched the stems up to 128 bpm from 110 bpm.Both sets of zips are below.There`s 2 stems in each pack & all are as HQ as was possible.Lets hope some of you pick up on this and get a release..(google it).I think yours truly might even have a go at a remix too..Happy remixing,and dont forget to post your mix up if you do one. :-)

Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love - Remix Stems

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